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What the heck is Spaceteam ESL?

Spaceteam ESL (English-as-a-Second-Language) is a crazy and fun English learning game you play with your friends and classmates using phones or tablets. Your team of 2-4 players is working together to fly a spaceship. To survive, you must follow the instructions and press the right buttons on your control panel on your phone. But there is a problem with your ship—your instructions are being sent to your friends’ phones, and your friends’ instructions are being sent to your phone! This means that if you want to survive, you must communicate and work together!

How long will your team be able to keep flying the ship? Will you be smashed by an asteroid? Will angry space dogs kill your ship? Or will you get burned up by a star? It all depends how well you are able to work together…as a Spaceteam!


Does Spaceteam ESL Cost Money?

No. The game is free, there are no ads, and you can’t buy anything in the game! We are researchers at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada, and our research center gave us the money to make this game.


What do I need to play Spaceteam ESL?

You need an Android or iOS (iPhone, iPad) phone or tablet to play the game. The game uses Wifi or Bluetooth, so you also need to be in the same room as your teammates. If you are using Wifi, everyone needs to be on the same Wifi network.


How will Spaceteam ESL help me learn English?

Spaceteam ESL has five levels of words, and each level has words that are used a lot in English. For example, Level 1 has many of the 1000 most used English words, and Level 2 has many of the 2000 most used words.

When you play Spaceteam ESL, you will need to say the words in the game to your teammates, and your teammates will need to listen to you. Speaking and listening like this will help you learn. The game also has a place where you can practice slowly saying and listening to all of the words that are in the game.